Connection Card Pro

Complete Feature List.

People & Volunteer Management

Connection Card Pro is a complete person management solution. Use Connection Card Pro to maintain a database of your members, staff, donors, volunteers and guests.

Create an unlimited number of groups for your ministries, small groups, work teams, departments, classes and committees.

Assign people to groups as members, leaders, or any customized classification.

You’re in complete control of your database!

Use Connection Card Pro to track attendance, quickly generate attendance reports and breakdowns, and register new guests.

With our Digital Guest Card (or Digital Connection Card) your visitors can visit a link or scan a QR code on their smartphone (no app download necessary) to provide their name and contact information, automatically adding them to your database. Gone are the days of deciphering bad handwriting and manual data entry!

Criminal Record and Background Checks Connection Card Pro makes it easy for your staff to order a background check directly from our secure online platform. The background check results are received electronically, automatically updating your database, and notifying you of the result. Background Checks are billed at a flat fee for each background check ordered. Background checks provided by Accurate and are currently only available in the United States.

All of the above features plus more are included in all Connection Card Pro plans.

Fund Accounting for Non-Profits

Connection Card Pro offers true fund accounting for your church or ministry. Build and maintain your full chart of accounts, keep records of income, expenses, and donations. Quickly and easily generate reports, including Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and many more!

Use Tags to tag any transaction with a department, division, purpose, project, fundraiser, or tax classification corresponding to IRS Form 990, Form 990-EZ, Form 1120 or Revenue Canada GIFI Codes. Generate breakdowns and reports based on any tag, streamlining tax reporting requirements and making it easy to get a quick snapshot of the success of your fundraisers or projects.

Link your Bank Account to Connection Card Pro to quickly import transactions from your online banking! All of the above accounting features are included with any Connection Card Pro plan at no additional cost.

Generate Year-End Tax Receipts for your donors in just a couple minutes! Download, Print or automatically email Giving Receipts. You can even sign them electronically!

Join hundreds of churches and ministries in using Connection Card Pro to accelerate your church's productivity!

  • Detailed Income, Expense and Deposit Records
  • Create Journal Entries
  • Maintain a complete Chart of Accounts
  • Generate Official Giving Receipts
  • Integrates directly with Online Giving
  • Generate Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Tag Reports, and more.
  • Track personal giving for each donor.
  • Use Custom Tags to track Projects, Purposes, Departments and more (at no additional cost!)
  • Link your bank account for quick transaction import
  • And many more accounting and bookkeeping features!

Online Giving

Donations and Payment Processing

Use Connection Card Pro to accept donations or payments for events online! Our payment processing is directly integrated with our entire system, automatically recording payments and donations received in your accounting ledgers and associating transactions with donors. Connection Card Pro is a complete donor management and online donations platform.

Add our text messaging add-on to enable text giving, allowing donors to text a keyword to a local 10-digit phone number in order to give online using their smartphone.

Connection Card Pro offers a quick and easy-to-use branded donations page for your organization using your custom subdomain. Or, you can easily integrate our secure donations widget directly onto your website in minutes with only minimal knowledge of HTML.

Connection Card Pro handles the PCI-DSS Compliance for you requiring no extra time or cost on your end. Implementing a donation widget on your website only requires that your site have an SSL certificate.

Communication just got easier!

Use Connection Card Pro to streamline communication with your members, visitors, volunteers and staff in your church or ministry. Connection Card Pro offers email lists and management, digital guest cards to connect your guests, and automated processes for snail mail letters and labels. Keep a clear record of your interactions with prospective members or visitors and receive follow-up alerts reminding you to follow-up with someone.

We have the growth of your ministry at the forefront of our minds and have developed a complete solution to help your ministry take off!
Connection Card Pro offers a complete SMS / text messaging service. Your organization will be assigned a local 10-digit phone number. Compose a text message once and send it to all of your people. Receive and reply to responses online. With our text message service, you’ll be able to enable text giving and SMS guest cards as well.

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All Paid Plans Include

First 30 Days Free
Try us out for free for 30 days! Cancel anytime! No credit card information required to begin trial.
No Downloads / No Hassle
Connection Card Pro is a cloud-based web platform. Use it on any PC or Mac wherever you have intnernet access! No software to install.
iOS / Android App
Use the free Connection Card Pro mobile app on iOS and Android. Available on Google Play and Apple App Store.
Check-in Kiosk
Connection Card Pro includes a full kiosk featureset for check-in, new guests, and other tasks. Great for kids and youth ministry! Track attendance and keep kids safe!

See a full list of all that Connection Card Pro offers below!

Explore what Connection Card Pro has to offer your church. All of these features are included in all pricing plans. Whether your a small church or a large church, Connection Card Pro has what you need to keep your ministry running.

Optional Add-On Services

In addition to our countless featured included in all accounts, we offer a few optional services and add-ons as well.

Text Messaging

Use text messages in your church to help reach new guests and keep in touch with your members! New guests can text a local number to receive an automated response with a link to a digital guest card. Notify members of upcoming events via text, and more.

More Details
Optional Add-on
Starting at $16 / month

Virtual & On-Site Training

If desired, we can arrange virtual or on-site training for as many of your staff and volunteers as you'd like. All paid plans include an initial Zoom training call if desired.

More Details

Please contact us to inquire.

Full List of Features

All paid Connection Card Pro plans include all of the features listed below.


Track Attendance simply and easily. Quickly generate attendance reports.

More Details

Manage Volunteers

Manage Committees, Work Crews and Volunteer Teams. Create schedules. Setup automated email reminders.

Event Management

Create/Manage all of your events. Generate rosters, track payments and forms, register participants online or at a kiosk.

Small Groups / Classes

Create and manage Small Groups, Bible study groups, Sunday School classes, and any other class or group to organize your people.

Unlimited Groups

Create an unlimited number of groups, departments, divisions, etc. to organize your various ministries. Keep people and settings separate.

Member and Guest Database

Maintain a database of members, visitors and other individuals associated with your organization.

More Details

Guest Registration

Easily register new guests and vistors on-site, in-person, or enter them later.

Easy Class Promotions

Setup an automated promotion process to quickly promote all students or individuals to new classes at the beginning of the year in just minutes.

Import Persons

Transitioning from another platform? Connection Card Pro offers an easy import process using CSV or Excel files to import your people.

Custom Web Forms

Use our powerful form builder to create customized web forms that you can share online, from your web site, via email or through text message.

Leadership Teams

Manage schedules, setup automated e-mail reminders when scheduled, and allow team members to view schedules online.

Organization Calendar

Keep all staff and volunteers informed with a complete organization calendar. Use the calendar to track meeting times, events, classes, and custom calendars.

E-mail Management and Lists

Send email updates or reminders to specific groups or all members. Setup automatic emails for birthdays or new guests.

Digital Guest Cards

Digital Connection Cards, Welcome Cards, or Guest Cards. Whatever your church calls them, you can now collect information digitally. Give new guests an easy link to fill out information. Or, use a QR Code or text message.

Automated Letters and Mailings

Who still sends personalized letters in the mail? That's why your church will stick out when you do! Type a letter once and select recipients. A personalized and addressed letter for each individual will be generated. You can even print your signature!

Follow-Up Alerts and Reminders

Automated alerts and reminders, reminding you to follow up with new guests or anyone else you mark as requiring follow-up. Connection Card Pro does the work for you, so that you can spend more time with people.


Instantly generate reports for attendance, concessions, rosters, member picture directory, demographics, custom reports and raw data exports.

More Details

Fund Accounting

Fund Accounting and Donor management for non-profits. Keep track of income, contributions, and expenses.

More Details

Financial Reports

Generate Balance Sheets, Income Statements and many other financial reports in just a few clicks!


Tag transactions with departments, divisions, purposes, projects, fundraisers and IRS 990/990-EZ or Revenue Canada GIFI Codes for easy reporting at tax time.

Year-End Giving Receipts

Automate the process of generating year-end giving statements and thank you letters with just a few clicks.

Concession Stand / Store

Manage a concession stand / store, track purchases, grant incentives to members for free stuff, prepay balances on cards, track inventory and sales.

Complete Point-of-Sale

Connection Card Pro features a complete POS (Point-of-Sale) interface, providing you a virtual cash register, with complete tracking and report generation.

Generate and Print Barcodes

Generate barcodes for temporary cards, administrative access, and tracking assets. Barcodes can be easily printed on a variety of readily available label sheets.

Online Portal for Members

Members and guests can login online to update contact info, register for events, check balances, prepay online and more.

Dymo Printers

Seamlessly integrates with Dymo Label printers for Name Tags, Child Pick-Up Tags, Address Labels, and receipts directly from Connection Card Pro.

Online Event and Camp Registration

Allow members and the public to register and pay online for upcoming events or camps. All registrations seamlessly get added to your database.

Custom Subdomains

Your church will receive a custom subdomain at or for users and members to login for administration and your church portal.

Touch Screen

Connection Card Pro offers touch-screen friendly interfaces for check-in kiosks.

Plastic Card Check-In/Out

Optionally, use plastic cards to check-in/check-out students, children, or any other individuals.

Completely Customizable

Connection Card Pro is easily customizable from an easy to use online interface


Attach a camera to take a photo of new guests during registration to help you remember their faces and names!

Secure Personal Information

All of your data is securely stored in our U.S. based data center using SSL, industry-standard encryption, and proprietary technology. We follow PCI-DSS specifications to keep your data secure.

Custom User Permissions

Complete control over user permissions for each user and user groups. Limit access to sensitive data. Set each user's permission level.

On-Site Kiosk Privileges

Sensitive areas of kiosk screens are secured by special access cards which you can create for your volunteers and leaders.

E-mail Support

Technical support and customer service via e-mail, guaranteed response in 24 hours. Most requests receive a response in 2 to 4 hours.

More Details

Online Training

Unlimited access for all of your users to online training videos to get you started and to help you get the most out of Connection Card Pro.

Updates and New Features

Connection Card Pro is constantly improving. You'll gain immediate access to updates and new features as soon as they are released.

Getting Started Tutorial

We provide an easy-to-understand Getting Started tutorial which will walk you through the initial setup and operation of Connection Card Pro.

US and Canada

Connection Card Pro is designed for use in the United States and Canada, with region-specific settings for both countries.

No Licensing!

Use Connection Card Pro on as many computers and devices in your location as you'd like. Unlike most software providers, we don't charge additional fees for additional seats.

No Time Commitment

You may cancel your account at anytime without cancellation fees or penalties. However, please keep in mind, any service fees already paid are non-refundable.

Grandfathered Rates

For as long as your account is active, your account fees will always stay the same and will never be increased unless you choose to upgrade your account.

Worship Service Planning

Use Connection Card Pro to Plan worship services, create flows, schedule workers and view a live cue monitor to cue on-stage performers.


Use Connection Card Pro to Check-in/out books to members, track inventory, and keep tabs on who has what. Thousands of books and media already saved to our ever-growing global database and its easy to add new media.

Random Draws

Run a random drawing of checked-in individuals for games or giveaways. Can be displayed full-screen during a live presentation.

Item Check-Out

Allow members/guests to check-out items (for a fee, refundable deposit, or free), and track where items are. Great for video game controllers, air hockey paddles, sports equipment, etc.).