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All individuals using this site agree to this site's Terms and Conditions of Use laid out below. Use of this site constitutes agreement to these terms. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you also agree to this site's Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Refund Policy, and any other policies and conditions which are set out on this page or within this site.

All visitors and users of this site agree to use this site in a way that is compliant with all applicable laws, including privacy, information, data, and security laws. Users and visitors may not download, distribute, reuse or resell any source code or any part of this site.

Terms of Use and License Agreement

Last Updated on March 5, 2022 to simplify language and to include updates specific to newer features

We've tried to make this as easy to understand as possible, but have included all of the fine print below.


"You", "Your", "User" may be used to refer to you or any user who is using this Platform. It collectively refers to the person using this Platform as well as the organization or company which they represent, whether or not you are employed by them, a member of the organization, a volunteer, or any other affiliation.

"Your Organization" may be used to refer to the organization or company which you represent or which you are affiliated with. This may include an affiliation as simple as attending an organization's meeting or service.

"We", "Us", "Our" may be used to refer to Connection Card, Inc., the corporation which owns and operates this Platform.

"Platform" may be used to refer to Connection Card Pro and all software and services provided by Us.

What You may do

You may use this Platform to:

What You may not do

You may not use this Platform to:

The Fine Print

Agreement to Terms
By creating an account, logging into your account, or by authorizing payment for any services We provide, You are agreeing to these all of these terms as well as any changes or amendments which are made in the future. You may discontinue Your use of this Platform at any time if You do not or no longer agree with any of these terms.

Grandfathered Rates
When You subscribe to a package or service, You will continue to be charged the same fee which You agreed to for the life of that service, even if We increase the price of that package or service. However, if You cancel a package or service and re-subscribe to the same packager or service, You will be required to pay the current price of that package or service. Only the packages or services that You are actively subscribed to at the time of any price increase will be grandfathered. The purchase or addition or any other packages or services will require paying the current price for that package or service.

License to Use and Access this Platform
Upon payment of applicable service fees (or no payment if using a product or plan offered free of charge), You are granted a license to use this Platform for the period of time specified by the amount paid or the plan You have subscribed to, on an unlimited number of devices at any location within the normal or extraordinary purposes of a single location of Your Organization. This means, if Your Organization has one campus, this Platform may be used within and around that campus as well as at any other location where activities originating from that campus take place. However, if Your Organization has multiple long-term or permanent campuses or is an umbrella for multiple entities, then the license granted will only authorize use within one of those campuses (and subsequent activities). Additional fees or licenses will be required to use this Platform in association with multiple campuses or entities. License is granted in accordance with these terms. Your use of this Platform is not geographically restricted, but we reserve the right to, from time to time, at our discretion, block certain IP addresses, internet service providers, or regions due to security or safety concerns.

Your Organization owns and is responsible for all data which You or any member or any other person associated with Your Organization enters, inputs, saves, shares or uploads to this Platform. You grant Us the irrevocable right to store and manage this data. Managing your data may include encoding, decoding, encrypting, decrypting, or otherwise manipulating or formatting the data as we see fit for the operation of this Platform and for the integrity and security of Your data. We reserve the right to access this data as necessary for the continued operation of this Platform, to diagnose issues, errors or bugs, or to measure performance and sustainability of this Platform. We will not sell or share this data with any other entity.

We may transfer this data from and to any of our servers or data centers at our discretion. Reasons may include creating backups, restoring backups, migrating to other servers / data centers, or system upgrades. This data will be stored in either the United States or Canada and will be governed by the laws of that jurisdiction, including protection from unlawful search and seizure. This data will not be stored in any other country outside of the United States and Canada unless you have explicitly agreed to such.

When any data creates a security breach for Us, You or any other users or when data degrades or compromises the performance of this Platform (such as data which contains harmful code or characters which cause issues within the Platform), We reserve the right to correct the issue which may include manipulating, altering, or removing some data. We will make best efforts to do so in a way which has minimal impact on Your data and Your account, but do not make any guarantees in this regard.

Except for the exceptions in these terms, We will not moderate or supervise any data stored by Your, Your Organization or any other person associated with Your Organization. Your Organization will be completely responsible and liable for any data stored on Your Organization's behalf. We reserve the right to cancel any account without refund if any user associated with that account is using this Platform for any illegal or illicit purposes. You may remove any data at any time. You understand that when data is removed, in some circumstances it is simply made inaccessible without fully deleting the data. We reserve the right to retain any data which does not get immediately deleted. Your Organization may request the full deletion of all data associated with Your account at any time.

Fees and Payments
All fees paid are granting You limited-time access to certain or all features of the Platform, based on the plan or package (or custom offer) that you have purchased or subscribed to. Most use of this Platform requires a paid subscription. If You are the individual authorizing the creation of an account (or the continued use of an account) for Your Organization, then You agree to pay the monthly or annual subscription fee and any other amounts owed for any other additional services purchased. Payment must be made in a timely manner, failure to make payment may result in account suspension or termination. You may cancel Your account at any time. If You cancel Your account, You will continue to have access until the end of Your current billing period. Subscription fees already paid will not be refunded. If there are outstanding balances, We reserve the right to invoice Your Organization or charge Your payment method on file.

Source Code
We own this Platform and all related source code. All source code and data must reside on Our servers and may not be duplicated, copied, or used on any other server or computer without Our express written permission. You do not own and will not acquire ownership of any source code or of any portion of the Platform or Our company. Fees paid are in exchange for time limited access to Software-as-a-Service as the phrase is commonly understood. Unless explicitly authorized, You do not have permission to edit or manipulate any source code. You may not sell, resell, distribute or redistribute this Platform or any aspect of this Platform.

Applicable to User
It should be understood that users may be granted various levels of account management permissions by other users within their organization. All Users are bound to these terms and conditions as much as it applies to them, but nothing in these terms binds Us to provide access to a feature, setting or page which You have not been granted access to by the owner of Your account or by other users within your organization, or which You do not have access to based on Your currently active subscription, plan or package.

Some features in this Platform are designed to work with physical cards or plastic cards. You are responsible for producing/printing Your own plastic or physical cards for use within this Platform. You are free to choose a card provider/printer of Your choice or create the cards Yourself. Barcodes which are printed must be generated by this Platform and You are limited to card numbers within a specific range. We provide instructions on how to ensure compatibility of barcodes with this Platform. We are not responsible for any barcodes which do not work with this Platform if those instructions were not correctly followed or if card numbers are not generated by this Platform. We provide you with a limited number of artwork templates which You may use, print, and reproduce freely, however, You are responsible for the final artwork which is printed on any cards that You create. You are responsible for ensuring that Your card design (such as proper placement of the barcode) will work correctly with this Platform and We are not liable for any card printing or card production costs incurred by You.

Illegal Activity
You will not use this Platform for any illegal or fraudulent purposes. If You or Your Organization uses this Platform for any illegal or fraudulent activities, We reserve the right to immediately cancel or suspend Your account or restrict access to Your account or any users, without refund.

External Web Sites / Public Profiles and Information
There are some features within this Platform which allow You or Your Organization to save links to external web sites. These links may be accessible to Your Organization's members or guests, or it may be publicly available. There are other features which allow You to post other information which may be visible to Your members and guests or viewable publicly. You agree that the web sites and information which You link to or share do not contain any illegal materials, pornographic materials, pirated materials, unauthorized reproduction of any materials or any other illegal content. You also agree that the external web sites which You link to from this Platform and the information You post or share within this Platform do not endorse or glammorize alcoholism, under-age drinking, drug use, substance abuse, fraud or any other illegal activity, do not endorse, support, fund, or otherwise facilitate hate, terrorism, or discriminatory practices and do not infringe on the rights, privacy or intellectual rights of any one else. This also includes any information containing profanity or vulgar words which can be publicly visible on any page accessible via any of Our domain names. If Your Organization is in violation of this paragraph, We reserve the right to remove the links or information which is in violation of this paragraph. Upon repeated violations, We reserve the right to limit access to specific individuals or to specific features or pages. We will not suspend or terminate an account if it is only in violation of this paragraph, but reserve the right to refuse to renew service at the end of a billing period if an account violates this paragraph excessively.

Your Organization's Logo and Name
When using this Platform, you agree and grant us permission to display Your Organization's name and/or logo on our web site within a list of other organizations who use our Platform. This permission extends to your Organization's name only, as wwell as Your Organization's logo as it is uploaded by Your Organization to Our Platform. We are not obligated to include the name or logo of Your Organization on our public web site.

Customer Reviews
By using this Platform, you agree and grant us permission to display positive remarks, comments, and feedback about Our Platform which are shared with us or shared publicly on the internet, in the form of a positive review. This includes the permission to display the name of Your Organization along with the first name and first initial of the last name of the individual who made or shared the remarks. If you do not wish to have your review or remarks displayed publicly, you may contact us and, upon your request, we will remove the remark, name and/or organization name from our web site within 15 business days of receiving your request. We do not have control over reviews posted to or shared with review sites, such as Capterra. The removal of this text does not apply when we obtained the text, name and organization name directly from an external review site, such as Capterra.

We will take all appropriate and reasonable measures to maintain the privacy, security and integrity of Your data and Your Organization's data. We will not sell, barter, trade, or distribute any personal information or account information to any third-party. If We are served with a court order or a legal search warrant, We are obligated to comply with the court order or search warrant and will do so only to the extent authorized by law and by the court order or search warrant. We will not release any information or data to any third party which is not specifically demanded in the court order or search warrant. We reserve the right to generate anonymized statistical and demographic data based on any data that You or Your Organization stores, shares, enters or uploads to this Platform. This may include anonymized statistical or demographic data generated by Your use or Your Organization's of this Platform.

You grant Us permission to make publicly available on the internet any information which is entered into a feature designed for public display (such as Your Organization's name or meeting address when you enter it into the public profile feature) or which is designed to be made available to members or guests of Your Organization who have logged in to their Personal Hub (such as materials, notes or other information which was posted or shared with the intent of making those materials available to Your members and guests).

Privacy Obligations
You assure that You, Your Organization and Your use of this Platform are done in compliance with any and all local, state, provincial, federal or international privacy laws which apply to You and Your Organization. You are responsible for creating and adhereing to privacy policies within Your Organization and posting or sharing those privacy policies when or as applicable to the individuals who interact with Your Organization. You release Us from all liability with regard to Your use of private or personal information and with regard to Your Organization's privacy policies.

Transfer of Personal Information
Personal information that any individual saves or shares within this Platform will be made available to the organization or entity who owns the account which has granted them access to this Platform. For example, if a member of ABC Church enters their home address into their Personal Hub account, that home address will be made available to ABC Church.

However, this personal information will not be transferred to or shared with any other entity without the consent of the person. If You use this Platform to sign up for an event, complete or form, or give a donation to any entity which You are not already associated with (or any other similar activity), any information which You include in that process or which You choose to share will be shared with that organization.

Children and Online Privacy
We are in compliance with the Child Online Protection Act of 1998 and similar acts designed to protect children while online. Most of our services are outside of the scope of COPA and similar acts and do not provide children the opportunity to expose their personal information online. In any feature of this Platform in which COPA or similar protection acts apply, We will take all necessary steps to protecte the privacy and security of any children using this Platform. This may include limiting access to certain features, such as the Personal Hub, or Chat features, to ages 13 and up, or requiring parental consent for access to certain features. You understand that We will take the necessary steps to make sure that We are in compliance with these acts. You also agree that Your Organization has policies in place to protect the security and privacy of children.

Confidential Information
You assume all risk and liability for any confidential information which is saved, uploaded, or input to this Platform. You agree that You will not save Credit Card information or other highly-confidential information which may pose a security risk to any corporation or nation. Tax payer identification (including Social Security Number, Social Insurance Number, or Employer Identification Number) should only be stored in the appropriate places within the financial features of this Platform and should not be stored in any custom fields. You will limit access to confidential information to only those individuals that require access to it. You are responsible for using a secure password and keeping your devices and passwords secure, to prevent unauthorized access to this Platform.

We reserve the right to release new features or updates at any time and We reserve the right to limit access to certain parts of this Platform during updates, maintainance or other system issues. These access limitations sometimes may not have any advance warning. We will make best efforts to maintain the operation of this Platform and to minimize downtime, but do not make any guarantee of uptime. You accept this risk.

Custom Features and Custom Development
Occassionally, We may work with You to create custom features or extensions to the existing Platform, enabling You and Your Organization to use this Platform in new ways or in ways that this platform was not originally designed to operate. When this happens, We work with You to negotiate a price to prepay the additional features and to cover Our cost of the custom development, as this takes Our developers away from the roadmap We have already planned for this Platform and shifts their priorities to features that may not be aligned with Our goals. Some of these features which We develop for You may not be useful or applicable to any of Our other customers and typically would be a higher price for custom development. When We complete custom development on top of this Platform, We recognize that some new features may be useful to other organizations and We price any custom development accordingly. We reserve the right to integrate any of Our custom development work into other existing or new features that We develop for all customers. When We carry out custom development on top of this Platform, We retain all ownership and rights to all source code and retain full control over the use and distribution of that source code. For custom development, You are paying for the service that We provide of developing and implementing custom interfaces and features into this Platform to be available to Your account. You are not paying for the physical or electronic delivery of source code and You are not paying to acquire ownership of any company or source code.

The price of custom development work will include 1 year of service and access to the Platform with the plan or package agreed to. This does not include any additional add-ons which were not agreed upon. You are able to add any additional add-ons or services by paying their applicable fees in addition to what You pay for the 1 year of service with custom development. You may continue using the Platform after 1 year by continuing to pay the monthly or annual subscription fee for the applicable package or service. Once you have made payment for custom development, all features, pages or functionality developed through a custom development agreement will continue to be included with Your account at no additional fees as long as You continue paying the subscription fee for the base package or service that You are subscribed to, unless otherwise agreed in the custom development agreement. We reserve the right to make some or all features developed through custom development available to other customers at an additional cost to them. This is one factor We use when determing the cost of custom development and We reserve the right to charge You less than what it would typically cost if We are confident that We can recoup the rest of those costs by making a new feature available to other customers at a premium.

We guarantee that custom features that You have paid for will remain operational as long as Your Organization has an active account and is paying the original subscription fee agreed to. We will continue to support and troubleshoot custom development and custom features for the lifetime of Your account in the same way that we support and troubleshoot Our standard features. We will not charge extra to fix bugs or issues associated with custom development and custom features and will continue to maintain servers and infrastructure to support custom development and custom features. We do reserve the right to charge extra (upon agreement, or refuse) for any additional requests for new features or modifications beyond the original scope of the custom development which was originally quoted.

If, in the unlikely event during the ten year period beginning at the completion of any custom development, this Platform shuts down or is discontinued for any reason, a license to run and maintain Your own instance of this Platform on Your own servers at Your own expense will be granted to You and the source code required to do so along with Your account data will be transferred to Your own server, but You will not be granted ownership of any source code which was transferred to You. We will work with You to setup Your own server and transfer source code and Your account data to Your own server, so that You may continue using this Platform and any custom features. In this event, You will no longer be obligated to pay Us any subscription fees, but You will be responsible for any costs associated with Your servers and You will be responsible for maintaining those servers. In that situation, You may modify the source code which is transferred to Your server in any way You would like, but You may not sell or distribute any source code and You may not charge or allow any other entity to use Your instance of this Platform.

Even though We haven't yet, We reserve the right to post text or image advertisements for third-party products or services in any pages or features of this Platform which are viewable or available only to administrative users. We will not post any advertisements in kiosk pages or publicly accessible pages. We reserve the right to include advertisements or links to other products or services which are offered by Us or by Our partners in the personal hub pages. We also reserve the right to link to surveys which are operated by Us and Our partners in personal hub pages.

Limit of Liability
You hereby hold harmless Us, Our partners, associates, affiliates, employees, and successsors from any and all claims which may arise out of Your use of this Platform. You waive any right or claim to damages which may arise out of data loss, system downtime, system sustainability, system use, viruses, trojans, security, any privacy matters, and the like. To the extent allowed by law, You agree You will not file suit against Us, Our partners, associates, affiliates, employees, or successors and You agree that You understand and accept the risks of using this Platform.

We reserve the right to audit any account, any organization's account or any user's account at any time for any reason in order to maintain the integrity of the system and the integrity of accounts. Such audits will likely not impede Your use of system and should usually not require any additional input from You. We reserve the right to monitor Your use of this Platform in order to maintain and improve the overall quality of this Platform.

Termination by Us with Cause
If Your are found to be in violation of these terms, disrupting this Platform through means not intended by this Platform, or using this Platform in an illegal or fraudulent way, or in an attempt to gain access to information which You are not authorized to access, Your account may be immediately suspended or terminated at Our discretion without notice and without refund. The termination of Your account will result in the immediate revocation of this license without refund of any fees already paid. We reserve the right to prevent You or Your Organization from opening new accounts or interacting with this Platform.

Termination by You
You are able to terminate Your account at any time. Upon doing so, You will continue to have access to Your account for the remainder of Your current billing cycle. You will not be entitled to any refund for any fees already paid. You will not be charged any termination fees or cancellation fees.

Termination by Us for Any Reason
Obviously, we want to keep our customers and keep customers happy. We want to serve our customers. Terminating accounts on a whim is bad for business. However, we also recognize that there are circumstances beyond our control, which may be unforseen or which may become toxic or harmful to Our company or Our employees. Therefore, We reserve the right to terminate any account at any time for any reasonable reason, including the harassment of Our employees. In this situation, We will provide You with a minimum of 30 days notice and one of the following two conditions must be met:
  1. We will either give notice that Your account will not be able to renew at the end of Your current billing cycle, allowing You to still have access to Your account until the end of Your billing cycle. No refunds for fees already paid will be granted.
  2. Or, We will terminate Your account at the end of the 30 day notice period, prior to the end of Your current billing cycle and refund fees paid for Your current billing cycle.

In this situation, which of the above two conditions will be at Our discretion, You will not have the option to choose between these two conditions.

Changes to Terms of Use, User Agreement, and Terms of Service
We may, at any time, with or without warning, make any changes to this agreement and terms of use. When any change is made to this agreement, You may be required to agree to the new terms before continuing use of this Platform. If You declines to accept the new terms, You will be allowed to continue use of this Platform under the previously agreed-to terms until the end of Your current billing cycle, at which point You will be required to accept any new terms in order to renew Your account. If You reach the end of Your billing cycle and still decline to accept any new terms in place at the time of renewal, Your account may be suspended until You agree to the new terms. In the event where a change in this agreement is required in order to ensure Our compliance with any applicable local, state, federal, or international laws, We may require that all users agree to the new terms immediately before continuing use of this Platform. In this case, You will not be able to use this Platform until the new terms have been agreed to. In the event that We do not require that You explicitly agree to the new terms, then Your continued use of this Platform and Your act of logging into Your account will constitute agreement to these terms.

You warrant that You will not sell, barter, trade, give, or distribute any personal information collected from Your members. You warrant that all information collected from Your members will be used for in keeping with the purposes of Your Organization. You warrant that information collected by minors under the age of 13 is collected with the knowledge and consent of minor's parent or legal guardian. You warrant that access to all personal or contact information obtained using this Platform will be limited only to those staff, teachers, faculty and leaders (including volunteers) who are required to view information in order to carry out ministerial, educational, administrative, technical or organizational tasks, also understanding that You are able to grant and revoke specific permissions from certain individuals at any time. You release Us from the liability presented by the "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998" and You agree to assume liability upon self for individual compliance of that act.

This site uses cookies and You agree to allow cookies to be stored on any of Your devices. Cookies are used for security, authentication, and other functionality purposes. This Platform does not directly store or use cross-site tracking cookies. This Platform utilizes third party services, including Google Analytic, Google APIs, Stripe and YouTube, who may store cookies on Your devices and who have their own cookie policies. You agree to and accepts related Cookie Policy, related Privacy Policy, and related Refunds Policy.

Text Messages
If You choose to use the text message capabilities offered by the Platform, there is an additional fee. Your account is limited to the agreed upon number of sent text messages per month and We do not make any guarantee that You will be able to send more than the allotted number of text messages. The text messaging service is provided through a third-party service and heavily relies upon the networks and systems of many other parties and carriers. We make no warranty or guarantee that third-party software or services will be operational. If You use text messaging capabilities, You authorize Us to create a phone number for Your account. You will not use text messaging services or capabilities for spam, fraud or illegal activities and will not use it to misrepresent or impersonate any party. You are solely responsible for Your Organization's use of all text messaging capabilities and hold harmless Us in the event that You or users authorized by You have used any functionality of this Platform for fraudulant or illegal activities. You authorize Us to send text messages on Your behalf when created by You. This includes automated text messages and reminders which are part of the Platform's text message capabilities. You understand that You are solely responsible for the settings related to how this Platform sends text messages within Your Organization's account. We reserve the right to refuse service, disable text messaging capabilities, or cancel an account, without refund, if found in violation of any of these terms. If a free trial of text messaging service is included in a free trial, then You are limited to only one free trial account with text message capabilities and are limited to only one assigned phone number for trial purposes, regardless of whether or not You or individuals closely associated with You open multiple accounts. If We determine that You are using any text messaging services for any fraudulant, illegal or malicious activities, in addition to the suspension or termination of Your account, You agree to pay Us a fee of $40.00 for EACH phone number activated, including phone numbers activated on another account opened by You or on behalf of You. These fees will be due immediately and You authorizes Us to charge any payment method on file without refund and without recourse. (For example, if you open 50 free trial accounts and activate 50 phone numbers for the purposes of receiving 50 verification codes in order to enter 50 "unique" entries into a contest, then You will owe Us $40 for each of those 50 numbers, even if You discontinue use of Your account immediately after receiving the verification code.)

Text Messages and Emails
You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable telecommunication laws, anti-spam legislation, and privacy laws, as they may relate to the sending of text messages, emails or other communications. We do not provide legal information. You are solely responsible for speaking with a lawyer or legal representative to better understand how applicable laws may impact your use of sending emails and text messages using the Platform. Relevant laws and acts may include the United States Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act, the CAN-SPAM Act, Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), Canada Telecommunications Act, and any other relevant and applicable rules or regulations. You further understand that other parties involved in the delivery of text messages or emails, such as cellular phone carriers or email service providers, are not bound by any agreement with Us and that they may, in accordance with their own policies, limit, prevent or otherwise block the delivery of any messages that are sent using this Platform. We are not responsible for any action or decision taken or made by these external parties.

Payment Processing: If You choose to use the donation and payment processing services offered by this Platform, all payments processed through this Platform are subject to a transaction fee, agreed upon at the time that You setup the payment processing service. You authorizes Us to collect and process payments and donations on Your behalf. We are merely acting as a payment processor. All funds collected are transferred to Your Organization's bank account, minus applicable transaction fees. We may not declare processed payments as income and may not claim payments processed on behalf of You as expenses or donations. You are accepting payments directly via means of this Platform's payment processing capabilities. In the event that additional transaction fees apply, such as exchange rates or international card processing, You are subject to the payment of those fees, which may be deducted from a received payment or which may be billed to You. You authorize Us to act as Your payment processor and payment gateway, whichever and wherever applicable. You agree not to use payment processing services in a fraudulant or illegal manner and will not accept payments for illegal or fraudulant activities, purposes, goods, services or products. You hold harmless Us from any of Your uses of payment processing services. You agrees to declare all payments received through this Platform's payment processing services as income and report to the applicable tax agencies. You are liable for reporting and for paying all taxes, levies, and tarriffs imposed on all income received through this Platform's payment processing services and agree to make all applicable declarations. We reserves the right to refuse service, disable payment processing capabilities, or cancel an account, without refund, if found in violation of any of these terms. We reserve the right to limit payouts for received income to only certain days or only a limited number of times per month. This allows us to keep costs low and may also help with your balancing of accounts. In the event You issue a refund, We reserve the right to debit the full refund amount from Your bank account. Processing fees paid will not be refunded.

Payment processing services for organizations on this Platform are provided by Stripe and are subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service (collectively, the “Stripe Services Agreement”). By agreeing to these terms or continuing to operate as an account holder on this Platform, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Services Agreement, as the same may be modified by Stripe from time to time. As a condition of this Platform enabling payment processing services through Stripe, you agree to provide Us with accurate and complete information about You and Your Organization, and You authorize Us to share it and transaction information related to Your use of the payment processing services provided by Stripe.

Background Checks and Criminal Record Checks
Your account may automatically have access to optional background check services offered by this Platform. If You choose to use the background check capabilities, there will be an additional fee associated with each background check performed. You understand that anyone authorized by You to run background checks will be able to authorize these additional fees. The cost of each background check will be clearly presented to the user prior to ordering each background check. User will have the ability to accept the cost or cancel the order. Once an order for any background check is placed, it may not be refunded. All background checks are non-refundable. Background checks are performed through a third-party background check service. Background checks are run through a series of databases and lists to obtain the most accurate background check available, however, We do not make any guarantee or warranty that any background check performed is complete and without error or ommission. You agree that You will obtain consent from any individual prior to running a background check on that individual. You warrant that You are solely responsible for knowing, understanding, and complying with the laws within the applicable jurisidction with regard to background checks, storing and securing information, initiating background checks, obtaining consent to run background checks, and making decisions based on background check results. You authorize the cost of each background check order to be immediately charged to Your account or to Your payment method which is on file and agree to pay all charges. We reserve the right to refuse service or disable background check capabilities if You violate any of these terms.

Final Remarks
You warrant that You will comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The use of the this Platform is subject to these terms. These terms shall be subject to the laws of the state of Colorado, where We are incorporated, and any applicable United States of America Federal Laws and/or applicable international laws, regardless of Your location. If any portion of these terms is found to be unenforceable by any court or judge, the remainder of these terms will remain in full effect. Use of this Platform constitutes agreement to these terms and a physical signature is not required. Your use of this Platformm constitutes Your agreement to these terms. Any individual who has access to login to this Platform has agreed to and accepted these terms by clicking the button that states their agreement, such button click or checkbox tick (whichever is applicable) shall constitute a legally binding electronic signature, or by clicking an "I Agree" button or checking a checkbox stating Your agreement to these terms, where such clicking the button or checking the checkbox shall constitute a legally binding electronic signature. We reserve the right to modify these terms of use, license agreements and terms of service from time to time. Your continued use of this Platform constitutes Your continued agreement.