Missional Churches

Use Connection Card Pro within your Network of Missional Churches

Use Connection Card Pro within your Network of Missional Churches

The concept of a missional church (also known as micro church) is a relatively new term with powerful and exciting implications. At Connection Card Pro, we’re eager to help your network of missional or micro churches succeed.

What is a Missional Church?

Typically, in North America, each church spends the majority of their time and resources centered around a weekend gathering or service. Often their small groups, youth and kids ministries, and other aspects of the church also funnel into or tie into the weekend gathering in some way as well. The goal, whether spoken or unspoken, is usually to bring as many people in to the fold as possible.

A missional church is almost the complete opposite. A missional church is a small church (not a small group) centered around a mission and typically part of a network of multiple missional churches. In some missional church networks, the network hub provides support, tools, facilities and resources for each of the missional churches, allowing the churches to each focus on their mission - whether it’s a specific neighborhood, a sport, a specific type of person, or a cause. The network or hub acts as an umbrella to take care of the many legal and administrative requirements that a micro church wouldn't be able to handle on their own. The missional church exists to meet the lost where the are, usually with no intention of bringing them into a service, but rather doing ministry in the place they already gather, such as a sports arena, a backyard, a fitness center or a workplace.

Some really exciting missional church networks that we admire are Tampa Underground in Florida and Church on the Rock in British Columbia. We’d encourage you to check them out for inspiration if your church is considering a micro church or missional church model.

Connection Card Pro has the tools you need to manage your entire missional church or micro church network, including the ability to separate the leaders and members of each missional church into their own Groups. Missional Church leaders can manage their people separately from all of the other micro churches, while your network leaders can manage the records throughout the entire network and within all missional churches.

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Connection Card Pro can boost the fruitfulness of your missional church network!

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