Children's Ministry

Use Connection Card Pro in your Children's Ministry!

Use Connection Card Pro in your Children's Ministry

Connection Card Pro is a great addition to any Children’s Ministry! Running around with all of those kids is tiring enough, let us take the administration work off your shoulders.

With Connection Card Pro, checking in kids is easy! Connection Card Pro offers a kiosk that can either be self-managed or manned by a volunteer or leader. Parents can check-in and check-out their kids using a plastic card (yes, one plastic card can be linked to multiple children), or check-in using a phone number. Every children’s ministry is different, which is why we’ve designed a number of ways that you can choose from to find which flow fits your ministry best.

If you’ve got a troublesome young child and need to reach their parents, using Connection Card Pro, you can send a text message to the parent’s cell phone with the click of a button. No need to look up a number or even type a message. Just click the notify parent button next to the child’s name in the list of children who have been checked in. An automated message will be sent alerting parents that they should come see you.

Connection Card Pro is a powerful tool for the entire church, with features that match the needs of each individual ministry, especially children’s and youth ministries. Use Departments to separate the students and leaders of the Children’s ministry from other ministries within the church. If multiple ministries in your church are utilizing the kiosk features, no problem! Each department can have it’s own general and kiosk settings, allowing each ministry to function in their own way, while still being a part of the same church account.

Try out Connection Card Pro today to explore all that it has to offer your Children’s Ministry! Whether you’re looking for a solution just for Kids Check-In, or a complete platform to help with the administration of an entire church, Connection Card Pro has exactly what you need at just the right price!

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Want to learn more? Connection Card Pro has many other features that you can learn about here!

Connection Card Pro is a powerful software platform to manage Children's ministry.