Use Connection Card Pro to create an entire annual budget for your church or organization in less than an hour! (At least according to one of our customers who recently created an annual church budget for a network of 8 churches in less than 45 minutes.)

Build Complex Budgets with Ease!

Connection Card Pro's unique and revolutionary Budgets makes it simple for you to create annual, department or project budgets. Annual budgets can be broken down into department budgets and shared with department or ministry leaders. Allow department/ministry leaders to submit budget items for their own department. All line items are connected to an existing account in your chart of accounts, making it easy for your to review the entire budget.

Budgeting Features

Other Features you may find helpful...

Online Giving

Use Connection Card Pro to accept donations and event payments online! Fully integrated with your accounting and member database for automated reporting and easy year-end tax receipts!

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Employee Time Tracking

Use the employee and volunteer time tracking for payroll, insurance, and reporting. Easy digital time sheet for employees. Run reports. Will tie in directly to our soon to be released payroll features!

True Fund Accounting

Comprehensive Fund Accounting to handle bookkeeping of even the most complex organizations.

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