Custom Development Solutions

Building custom solutions for you on top of our powerful platform

Custom Development for your Ministry or Organization

Connection Card Pro is a feature-rich platform and powerful tool for many churches, ministries and organizations. But, sometimes your organization needs something a little unique which you can't find elsewhere. If that's the case, we'd love to speak with you about developing a custom solution for you, built right on top of our existing platform!

More Cost Effective!

The benefit of building out your custom features on top of our existing platform means it's much more cost-effective for your organization. Most custom solutions will always require some common features, such as security, user management, a database, and a dashboard. Those are things which already exist in Connection Card Pro. Whether you're working with events, registrations, online giving, accounting records, emails or text messages, those also already exist. If your needs are a bit more unique, we'll work with you to design a custom solution and we'll customize our platform to suit your needs.

Not all organizations can afford custom solutions, but we're confident that building on top of our existing platform will save you 30% to 80% of the cost quoted to you for a completely custom development project from scratch. Not because we're cheaper, but because there's less work required to get your custom solution built!

Connection Card Pro is one of the only church management platforms that puts your needs and ideas first!
In addition to custom development to suit your unique needs, Connection Card Pro is constantly making improvements to features and our platform based on the feedback we receive from our users. Some ChMS platforms would never do that, and most will take months to implement small but useful changes.

Contact us today for information Custom Development for your ministry or organization!