Who uses Connection Card Pro?

Ever wonder how many people are actually using different ChMS platforms? When one service says 30,000 ministries use their platform, are they honestly referring to 30,000 active customers? Or is that simply the number of free trial customers over the last 10 years who never returned? As part of our commitment to being the most transparent church management software platform in the world, we've put together this simple page with real numbers to show you how much Connection Card Pro is actually used!

Frequently Asked Questions

How come I've never heard of Connection Card Pro?
The most likely reason is because we spend very little on advertising and marketing. Connection Card Pro's growth has relied solely upon word of mouth and organic growth. We do occassionally sponsor and support organizations, events and causes that we believe in. We receive advertising to the attendees of those events for our sponsorship. However, we don't buy ads and we don't pay money to Facebook or Google Ads.
How long has Connection Card Pro been around?
15 Years! Connection Card Pro has been serving churches, ministries and organizations around the world with church management software since 2009!
How does Connection Card Pro compare to Planning Center / Breeze / Subsplash?
For starters, we've been doing church management software a lot longer than each of those three companies! Planning Center, Breeze and Subsplash each have some great ideas and some great tools. If their pricing model or toolset is what works for you, then that's great! But, for many churches and organizations, Connection Card Pro is where you'll find the tools and many unique feature sets that you've been looking for! We don't personally know anyone at those companies, nor do we use their software (obviously), but here are few points to consider how we compare with Planning Center, Breeze, Subsplash and others.

  • Just about anything you can do in those platforms, you can also do in Connection Card Pro!
  • In most cases, our features and modules are more developed (we've had more time to perfect them) and intentionally purpose-built (built to give you exactly what you need, rather than some broad generic tools which kind of work).
  • Our customer support is caring and accessible.
  • We employ developers, not sales-people! We prioritize building the best possible tools for your ministry higher than growing our customer base. The growth will come, the tools are what are important!
How many organizations use Connection Card Pro?
There are hundreds of churches, ministries, and other organizations around the world using Connection Card Pro! But, if you're looking for more specific numbers, just scroll down to see how much Connection Card Pro has been utilized in the last week or month!

Who is using Connection Card Pro?

Small churches, big churches, international ministries, national non-profit organizations, theatre groups and even chiropractic colleges use Connection Card Pro! Most of our customers are churches, but many of our customers fall outside of the scope of a church. Some large organizations you may have heard of, such as Power to Change, Youth Worker Community, and SOLAHIS also use Connection Card Pro!
Some platforms have a flashy pop-up at the bottom of every page that tells you "someone just signed up" every few seconds, even though they actually signed up days or weeks ago. We don't do that, because we don't like that. We think it's a gimmick and partially deceptive. So here are the honest facts.

Recent Accounts

Last 30 days
Apr 9, 2024 - Church in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Apr 8, 2024 - Ministry in Coppell, Texas
Apr 4, 2024 - Church in Montréal, Quebec
Apr 3, 2024 - Church in Tustin, California
Apr 3, 2024 - Church in , New York
Apr 3, 2024 - Church in Anoka, Minnesota
Mar 23, 2024 - Church in Lagos, Louisiana
Mar 21, 2024 - Ministry in Placerville, California
And others...

The Actual Stats

These numbers are automatically updated each morning for the period ending the day before and they are the same numbers that are sent in a daily email to our staff. We do not change, inflate or fabricate these numbers.
Active Users


Last 7 days
This is how many users were logged in and active during the last 7 days.
Text Messages Sent


Last 30 days
This is how many text messages were sent through Connection Card Pro in the last 30 days.
Emails Sent


Last 30 days
This is how many emails were sent through Connection Card Pro in the last 30 days.
Donations Received


Last 7 days
This is how much money ministries received through Connection Card Pro Giving in the last 7 days.


Last 30 days
This is how many people were checked in to a church or ministry using Connection Card Pro in the last 30 days.
Event Registrations


Last 30 days
This is how many people were signed up for an event using Connection Card Pro Events in the last 30 days.

Some of Our Customers

Some of our customers who use Connection Card Pro:
Unity Vietnamese Church
Covington Baptist Church
Catalyst Initiative Athletic Club
Ignite Youth
Northcrest Baptist
The Meeting Place
Youth Worker Community
Emerge Church
Visible Kingdom Empowerment Church
Fearless Church
Compassion Church
Prayer Tabernacle Apostolic Church

And many more!

This is an automated and random selection of 12 of our many currently active customers who have created a public organization profile to be displayed in the Connection Card Pro app and who have uploaded a logo. Not all customers are represented here. These logos are owned by their respective owners. Unless expressly stated, we are not affiliated with the organizations listed above other than providing services to them as our customers.