Schedule and Book Rooms & Resources

Keep your campus and facilities organized using Connection Card Pro's new Rooms & Resources module! Schedule and book equipment, rooms, staff or other resources to make sure no space is double booked!

Rooms & Resources is priced separately from our base plans with clear and simple pricing. See Pricing

Track Facilities & Resources

Track and organize your rooms, equipment and other resources. Gymnasiums, sanctuary, meeting rooms, tables and chairs, or even event staff or personal trainers.

Approve Room Requests

Choose who can submit room or resource requests. Requests can be reviewed and approved or declined by designated staff.

Prevent Scheduling Conflicts

Don't just manage conflicts, prevent them! With Connection Card Pro, all requests automatically check for conflicts with other booked resources.

Facility Automation Integration

Set up any resources to automatically send various webhooks to your other apps and services to control HVAC, Lights, Security Alarm, Door Locks, or other generic alerts*.

Credentials and Certifications

Track certifications and credentials which are associated with individual resources. Great for tracking Fire Code Occupancy limits or special certifications when a resource represents a staff member or contractor.

Organize Overlapping Spaces

Create automatic conflict rules for resources which overlap other resources. Book your gym's half courts separately while blocking out full court when either half is booked.

Rooms & Resources Pricing

Clear, simple and affordable pricing for Rooms & Resources.
Rooms & Resources
25 Rooms & Resources

$39/mo CAD
Or $31/mo paid annually

  • 25 Resources
Or $374.00 / year (save 20%!)

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Rooms & Resources
Up to 100 Resources

$59/mo CAD
Or $47/mo paid annually

  • 100 Resources
Or $559.00 / year (save 20%!)

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Rooms & Resources
Unlimited Resources

$99/mo CAD
Or $79/mo paid annually

  • Unlimited Resources
Or $949.00 / year (save 20%!)

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* Facility Automation Integration can be compatible with any system which supports integrations or API access, but will require additional services, expertise and coding knowledge. Connection Card Pro simply sends a webhook to any URI of your choosing. Your team will be responsible to do something with that received request and implement it in your other systems. However, we make it extremely easy to send up to 10 different types of webhooks for each resource, 5 minutes to 48 hours before/after a scheduled booking.