Finally, Powerful and Affordable Connection!

Online Church Administration Software Made Easy

We have created software that helps your ministry connect better with everyone at a fraction of the cost!

Effective church administration software has finally been made simple and affordable! As a church office manager you have very specific needs. The complete church database of Connection Card Pro will keep track of your ministry’s financials, congregation, and much more!

Our story began with building churches of our own. As we grew, we found there were no tools that could grow with us to suit our specific needs and budget. So we built the tools we needed! After 10+ years of adding features, we are proud to offer you the culmination of our search for the perfect tool.

Church administration is an integral part of running your ministry. Unfortunately, many online organization services are difficult to use, expensive, and don’t have all the features you actually need. We think that’s not how to manage a church, so we created a better alternative. Now you can conveniently access your entire church database online, or through our free mobile app! We bring you a superior online software that is cost-effective, faster, and actually serves you. With Connection Card Pro you will have a greater freedom of time and money, so you can stop getting bogged down in tedious administrative work- and actually do the work God called you to do.

Giving & Financial Tracking All in One Place

Did you know that almost 75% of church giving happens during the week, not on a Sunday? We live in a very busy world. Often, a significant portion of your congregation won’t be in attendance, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to donate to the church!

Over 74% of churches in the US already offer online giving. With Connection Card Pro a church member can make their donations to you online or even through text messaging!

The donor also has the ability to set up recurring giving. Recurring givers donate 33% more and 42% more often than one-time donors. What would you accomplish with that increase in donations?

Connection Card Pro allows you to take donations online and even through text message! Now you can accept debit, credit, and ACH payments. With no hassle and no merchant accounts required, our extremely low processing rates leave you more money to run your ministry. All of your financial needs are covered, and can even be tracked through our free mobile app!

Church bookkeeping software has never been this easy! Using Connection Card Pro's financial administration feature set, you can:

When it comes to money moving around in the church, it can be easy to lose sight of where givers’ donations are actually going. Connection Card Pro has introduced a revolutionary feature; now a donor can choose where in the church they want their donations to go.

Let’s say you want to start a donation to buy a new coffee maker. You can simply make a new donation category, and your congregation can directly donate to that cause!

Connection Card Pro features a complete POS (Point-of-Sale) interface! Do you have a concession stand or store? Use our virtual cash register! Now you can track purchases and inventory, create point incentives for members, and prepay balances on cards!

Now you can spend less time trapped under tedious work, and focus on connecting with the people that matter most.

I can't believe how quick it was to generate year-end giving statements! What used to take a couple days took only a few minutes with Connection Card Pro!

- Alex L., St. Louis, Missouri

People and Volunteer Management is Important!

If you want to meaningfully connect with your congregation, it is your duty to recognize and meet their needs. Connection Card Pro makes this easy for you.

Remember the old paper church visitor cards? They sat wrinkled behind the pews, and it was unlikely for anyone to fill one out. Even if they did, it was easy for you to lose the paper. You would have to read each new filled out card, and transcribe that information onto a big list, or a daunting spreadsheet. It’s a huge waste of time, and that valuable information can’t be used to its full potential. Change it!

Now visitors can register via mobile device! Connection Card Pro will generate you a link or a QR code that you can put on the screen during the sermon. It’s fast, easy, and you will see more people signing up than with the old paper visitor cards. Plus you don’t have to deal with daunting spreadsheets ever again!

Allow your congregation to electronically sign into events and sermons. You can even get notifications if some members have not been showing up lately, letting you know you need to check in on them.

With Connection Card Pro, you can create a Member and Guest Database to paint a more accurate portrait of who is in your congregation than ever before!

You can now send mass personalized emails and texts. Type a message once and select the recipients. Even create custom recipient lists to give specific people information on events, projects etc. This will save you time and you’ll never lose track of your emails again!

Our church scheduling software will allow you to effectively manage resources and people. You can schedule with a calendar, and keep track of the whole congregation.

Communication between departments is key to success. Create small groups and work teams that can be linked through calendars. Connection Card Pro will eliminate the stress of interdepartmental communication.

The security of your data is paramount. Everything is stored in our U.S. based data center using SSL, industry-standard encryption, and proprietary technology. We follow PCI-DSS specifications to keep your data secure. You will have complete control over permissions for each user and user groups.You can limit access to sensitive data and set each user's permission level.

We offer phone, live chat and email support to bring you solutions for solving your ministry’s problems. We offer competitive pricing tiers that are extremely affordable for any size church.

Communication is Key

Connection Card Pro is a platform that allows seamless communication between staff, volunteers, and your congregation. You can create groups and work teams for specific tasks or departments. Send email updates or reminders to specific groups or all members. Setup automatic emails for birthdays or new guests.

Avoid volunteer burnout by sending surveys to volunteers and your congregation so you know exactly whether or not you’re meeting their needs.

Create automated alerts and reminders, reminding you to follow up with new guests or anyone else you mark as requiring follow-up. Never fall behind on the work that you have been called to do. Connection Card Pro does the work for you, so that you can spend more time with people.

Connection Card Pro is more than just another product

Connection Card Pro has become known as the “Organization Engine” of online church software. We have developed top church software that will save you time and money. You have access to the best church software of 2020 - whether you’re a church plant or a megachurch, we’ve got you covered!

Connection Card Pro is a movement. Our mission is clear: Use whatever means necessary to penetrate the world with the Gospel. The software we create is more than just a powerful tool for ministry. It's a means to accomplish a greater goal. vision can't happen without creating meaningful partnerships with other ministries and churches. Are you ready to join the movement?

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Want to learn more? Connection Card Pro has many other features that you can learn about here!