Generate Dynamic and Custom Reports

Connection Card Pro gives you the ability to generate dynamic, preset, and customized reports for your church, ministry or organization. Reports can be viewed directly in the browser, downloaded as a PDF, or exported to a CSV (comma separated values) file, giving you a range of flexibility to fit your needs.

Choose from preset reports such as Attendance Reports, Baptism Reports, New Guest or New Records reports, Referrals report, Salvations report, Financial reports, Store / Concession stand reports and balances, Rosters for individual or all groups, and more. Or, create custom reports with a plethora of options.

Custom Reports

With Connection Card Pro's custom reports feature, you have access to over 75 available parameters to be used as part of your report. Custom reports have a number of options, including the ability to number rows (or not), show total records (or not), an endless number of sort options, and the ability to use conditions (showing only persons or information which meets a custom condition). All custom reports can be saved as a preset for easy access in the future.


Connection Card Pro helps you keep track of how individuals became connected with your organization. You can track referrals as well as other points of contact. Connection Card Pro offers a referrals report, giving you a clear hierarchical view of where new guests are coming from and who's inviting visitors.

Generate Labels and Letters

With Connection Card Pro, administrative users can easily generate and print address labels and personalized letters for any members or individuals within your church or ministry. Labels can be printed directly to a Dymo Label Printer or saved as a PDF file and printed on a common Avery label sheet. Letters can be written and saved on Connection Card Pro and can be automatically personalized with the name and address of the recipient, saving you time.

Charts and Demographics

Connection Card Pro has plenty of charts to display your church or ministry's demographics, average attendance, giving and incoming trends, and more. Within each individual's profile, you can view their attendance and giving trends.

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