Custom Forms and Surveys

Use Connection Card Pro to create and share custom forms and surveys! Share the link in a message, on your website, via a QR code or using an automated text message keyword. Uses are directed to a clean and branded online form. From simple forms or surveys to complex multi-step applications, you'll find a complete and comprehensive custom form solution with Connection Card Pro!

Using our dynamic form builder, you can choose a number of field types including simple text, email, checkboxes, date, or dropdown options. You can also allow users to upload files or use a ranking input to rank an option from 1 to 5 (or agree/disagree, like/dislike). Each field is fully customizable. Your forms can have multiple pages and sections.

All form submissions are gathered in one place in the administrative dashboard. It's easy to view submissions. Charts and breakdowns are automatically generated for checkboxes and dropdowns, allowing you to easily view how popular certain options are.

Easy Review & Sorting Options

Regardless of what you're using custom forms for, you can use our review tools to mark and sort submissions as Approved, To Consider, Rejected, Shortlisted, Awarded, Nominated, Withdrawn or Archived.

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