Custom Dashboards & Reporting

Connection Card Pro gives you the ability to build custom and dynamic dashboards for quick and sophisticated reporting! View exactly the numbers that you want to see whenever you login!

Names and records above are for sample purposes only.

With Connection Card Pro, you can build an unlimited number of widgets to include in your dashboard using a plethora of data points and statistics. Choose data points from Attendance data, Financials, People data, Forms, and Event registrations.
Widgets can be sized and moved around to as you'd like. Dashboards can be customized by each user.

Widget Types

Select from any of the following widget types to include in your custom dashboards:

Combine Data Points

You can combine multiple data points (either similar data points from different time periods, such as Attendance for this year vs Attendance last year) or completely unrelated data points (such as Attendance vs Income) to track and view trends and patterns.

Custom Time Periods

Choose from customizable time periods relative to the current date! View weekly data for the last 6 months, monthly data for the last year, or daily data for three months ago. The dashboard is your playground!

Data Points and Options

The following data points can be included and customized in the widgets on your dashboards:

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