Connection Card Pro Acquires SignUp Kiosk App!

Jul 28, 2023

We are excited to announce that Connection Card, Inc. has agreed to acquire Visional Apps, LLC along with their app, the SignUp Kiosk! 

Visional Apps had announced that it would be discontinuing service. Instead, Connection Card has decided to purchase the company in order to keep their app and service running. We see this as a great opportunity to serve the existing customers of SignUp Kiosk and allow them to continue to have access to the product that they know and love. This acquisition will help Connection Card Pro to expand even more and provide even better value to all of our customers, existing and new ones! 

What this means for you:

For customers already using SignUp Kiosk, this means that the app and service you love will continue running! You will not be forced into paying a higher price or upgrading your plan. But, you will benefit from where we plan on taking SignUp Kiosk! 

Connection Card Pro will soon be releasing a major update which will update and improve the SignUp Kiosk interface. 

Over the next two months, the SignUp Kiosk backend and user portal will be transitioned over to Connection Card Pro, greatly expanding the capabilities of SignUp Kiosk. This will also include the ability to accept payment in the kiosk as well! A feature that has been long awaited by many SignUp Kiosk customers! 

The transition will be as seamless as possible and we do not expect it to cause any interruption to services.

How the Pricing / Plans will Change:

SignUp Kiosk currently offers 3 plans, Basic, Plus and Premium. Once under the umbrella of Connection Card Pro, we will continue to support and offer these plans for the time being. Existing customers who have an active and paid plan prior to September 1, 2023, will have their plan and rates grandfathered, meaning that you will continue getting the same service and plan (plus more) at the same unchanging rate. 

The Basic Plan ($19 / month) will stay unchanged, and will continue to provide you access to SignUp Kiosk App with a single Kiosk Profile. 

Customers with an active subscription to the Plus plan ($29/mo) or Premium plan ($39/mo) prior to September 1, 2023 will continue to have access to SignUp Kiosk, and will additionally receive full access to all of the great features and capabilities offered by Connection Card Pro's Church Plant plan (normally $20 / mo). 

Customers using the Basic Plan can upgrade prior to September 1, 2023 to the Plus plan to take advantage of all of Connection Card Pro's features* for only $10/mo extra! Or, any existing customers can upgrade to Connection Card Pro's Growing Church ($45/mo) or Midsize Church ($65/mo) plan at the normal price, prior to September 1, 2023, to take advantage of all Connection Card Pro features and receive the benefits of the SignUp Kiosk Premium Plan at no additional cost.

No More Limits

During this transition, we will be removing the limit of 1,000 sign ups per month. Under Connection Card Pro's umbrella, all SignUp Kiosk plans will now include unlimited sign ups!

Updated App Interface

Connection Card Pro will be releasing an update to the SignUp Kiosk app which modernizes and updates the app interface, giving your people a better sign up experience! 

Accept Payments

The updated app and completing the transition to Connection Card Pro will include the ability to accept payment for events through the SignUp Kiosk app! Payments will be processed at our already low processing rates.

Premium Plan F1 and ACS Integrations 

At this time, we are currently evaluating whether or not we will discontinue the "Find Me" search feature integration with F1 and ACS in favor of providing an even better and more seamless integration with the database and people features already offered by Connection Card Pro.

We are excited for what this will bring to Connection Card Pro and we would like to welcome all existing SignUp Kiosk customers to the Connection Card Pro family! We promise that you will be well taken care of and we're excited to serve you and your ministries! 

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